Count It All Joy: Reflections of a Caregiver

When a couple stands before one another at a wedding ceremony, the words "in sickness and in health" are usually stated in the vows. For author Paul Brown and his wife Vera, these words were no truer in meaning than when describing the health issues that were placed in their lives. Paul's new autobiography, Count it All Joy, consists of journal entries by Paul that reflect upon the experiences and lessons he has gained in his time spent as the sole caregiver for Vera, who suffers from dementia. Paul realizes that trusting God through the difficult trials of life is the only way to live: even when facing his own cancer battle while caring for Vera, Paul believes that God would continue to provide for them. Just as the high school sweethearts vowed to do forty-five years ago, they will remain together in sickness and health, counting it all joy.
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