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What is The Marriage Workshop?

The marriage workshop is a Christian Educational forum for individuals (married, engaged or single) who desire to know and receive God’s best in marriage. The purpose of this workshop is to help individuals come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, trusting Him as their Savior and Lord, while promoting God’s plan for marriage through teaching what the Scriptures say concerning Christian marriage.

What are The Objectives?

The achievable objectives of this workshop are to:


Find practical steps to rescue marriages in trouble

Learn valuable lessons to maintain enjoyment

Discover guidance to strengthen a marital foundation

Who is The Facilitator?

Dr. Paul C. Brown, Sr.

D.Min., M.Min., M.BS., B.Min., & B.S.


Dr. Brown is the current Executive Director of SPOLIWA (Springs of Living Water) Ministries, Inc.  He is the Founder and former Pastor of New Life Bible Church in Sumter, South Carolina.  




"Continue doing a good work in the name of our Lord. I’ve really been blessed and received sound instruction"


“The information shared blessed my soul and fed my spirit so that I will become a better wife, parent, neighbor, etc.”



“This day has been a blessed day. May God keep on blessing you and yours. I learned a lot today about our marriage that we can apply to our lives.”



   I think this was a great seminar. It will help me and my wife keep moving forward in our marriage.




The Marriage Workshop consists of a variety of topics. Among other meaningful discussions, you will:


Define and discuss marriage from a Biblical perspective

Acquire knowledge of one’s  personal responsibility

Understand the significance of proper communication

Discover one’s love language

Understand it takes two to have oneness

Learn how to build and be steadfast in a loving relationship

Employ practical steps for enhancing one’s relationship

What will You Learn?


from past attendees

Paul holds degrees from University of Maryland (Bachelor of Science), Columbia Bible Institute (Bachelor of Ministry), Birmingham Theological Seminary (Master of Ministry & Master of Biblical Studies) and Andersonville Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry). Paul is also a published author. For more information on his books, "Building A Strong Christian Family" , "Count It All Joy: Reflections of a Caregiver" & "Just Do What God Says" click here.  


Paul has served extensively in the SPOLIWA Ministries as a conference speaker, camp counselor, and Sunday school organizer. He has over forty years experience in marriage ministry including workshops and marital/premarital couples counseling. Paul has five children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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