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Counseling Services

Premarital Counseling/Marriage Counseling

It is God's will that a marriage fills a home with "rare and beautiful treasures" .  But this kind of relationship does not just happen; it must be built. For a couple to enjoy the treasure of oneness, they must devote themselves to acquiring and applying wisdom, understanding and knowledge about how they are designed to relate to each other and how they actually do relate to each other.


Whether you are a couple just starting out or a family in crisis seeking ways to better your household, we can help.  We offer counsel and insight from a biblical perspective to give couples the scriptural principles needed in their relationship in order to build or restore the foundation for God's best in marriage.   Some of the principles that will be emphasized are:

The Roles of  Husband and Wife


Conflict Resolution

Intimacy and Oneness


   By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

                        Proverbs 24:3-4  



From Counseled Couples

We had the opportunity to be counseled by Pastor Brown in July of 2006 until a few weeks before our wedding in March of 2007. We were both very encouraged to know that there would be several counseling sessions. We had known couples who had been counseled, but only had one or two sessions. We both felt that Pastor Brown desired for us to know and understand God's purpose for marriage.


What really ministered to us as a couple was Pastor Brown's teaching that marriage is about role playing and the roles of each spouse.We were also encouraged by Pastor Brown telling us that as we grow closer to one another we grow closer to Christ. Growing closer to each other and Christ are our main goals in marriage.At every session Pastor Brown had worksheets for us to answer and use as a guide that outlined every topic we discussed.


Six and a half years later we are so thankful to have had Pastor Brown share his wisdom, time, and the importance of always keeping Christ the center of our marriage. Pointing others to Christ and sharing God's plan concerning marriage are why we as a couple will always feel so blessed to have been counseled by Pastor Brown.



Drew & Brittany Pierce
Married 2007
Sylvester & Elita Jackson
Married  2002

Our journey began as teenagers, so it was no surprise to anyone when we got engaged at 21 years old. Our engagement was short, and there was no question who would perform our wedding ceremony four months later. Paul Brown, whom I call “Uncle Paul” has known me all my life, literally, so we were both excited and honored to have him marry us.


During our engagement Sylvester and I participated in the marriage counseling provided by Mr. Brown. The counseling provided us with the skills to trust, nurture, appreciate and enjoy our marriage. We both recall playing a game where we had to be a team and build a tower with small wood pieces, and each time removing a piece from the bottom and moving it to the top. Well eventually the bottom fell out, and the tower collapsed. That to us was clearly a demonstration of how important it is to have a strong foundation first to build upon.


We felt we were provided with the key essentials to begin our marriage and beyond, so almost 12 years later we still use what we learned in marriage counseling. With prayer and a strong commitment to each other and keeping God at the center of our lives we continue our journey, and were blessed to see positive marriages such as our parents and the Browns to inspire us.  We thank you Mr. Brown “Uncle Paul”.



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